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Network meta analysis


Health payers demand comprehensive evidence synthesis and comparative effectiveness analyses

Our solution

Conduct network meta-analysis and indirect treatment comparisons in a Bayesian framework following industry best practices*

Create digital interactive and paper-based reporting in compliance with multi-agency reporting requirements and the PRISMA NMA statement


*ISPOR Task Force on NMA & NICE Technical Support Document series

A R-based software package for NMA developed by Lighthouse Outcomes in conjunction with NMA though leaders

BUGSnet was developed with the needs of research consulting in mind:

  • Generate NMA analyses and reports in approximately half the time**
  • Flexibility allowing tailored outputs for client needs
  • Generates all statistical components of the PRISMA NMA reporting guidelines and the ISPOR-AMCP-NPC checklist for assessing the credibility of an NMA
  • Request a demonstration version of the package here


**Compared to a standard project approach of coding with multiple packages

Digital NMA

Lighthouse NMA

Predefined features allow for faster time from raw data input to results outputs and reporting

BUGSnet is designed to allow for faster generation of reporting for evidence synthesis

  • Data management
  • Highly customizable tables and figures
  • NMA feasibility assessment features built-in

Assessing balance of patient characteristics by comparison

Offers a high level of analytic flexibility and customizability to the analyst not available in other standard packages

Each analysis is bespoke so BUGSnet allows a high degree of flexibility to the analyst

  • Outcome types include continuous, dichotomus, rate and time-to-event
  • Custom model specification
  • Multiple outcome types
  • Prior specification and JAGS code modifications

Highly customizable network plots with diagnostics

Network Meta Analysis

BUGSnet is feature-rich allowing for comprehensive reporting following industry best-practices

Pair-wise meta-analysis

Features summary

Acts as a single go-to resource for NMA analytics

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