Generating evidence and decision tools for better health science.

We provide technical and communication solutions to clients in the pharmaceutical, health technology and public health spaces. Our work is focused on four areas: evidence generation, knowledge synthesis, decision analysis and health economics.

  • Our mission is to solve complex problems in the health sciences to improve people’s lives.
  • Every client’s problem is unique and requires a custom solution applying the right tools for the job to develop a solution that is as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Evidence synthesis & decision science

evidence generation

Evidence generation
Developing real-world observational databases for your specific questions.

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Knowledge synthesis
Delivering end-to-end service for systematic literature reviews and bayesian network meta-analyses.

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decision analysis

Decision analysis
Building and running and network decision analysis models for complex health interventions.

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Health economics

Health economics
Generating evidence-based cost-effectiveness models characterizing the economic value of your technology, intervention or approach.

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